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Victorian Themed Wedding Invitations and Complete Wedding Stationary

A complete set of Victorian Era themed wedding invitations is bundled together by small purple twine and is wrapped by a delicate paper lace doily. When paired with the custom hand drawn font, the invitation really encompasses the DIY victorian-chic themed wedding. This set also included: programs, event signage, escort cards, favors, event banners and save the dates.

Vintage Air Mail Superhero Themed Wedding Invitations

This set of wedding invitations combined the bride’s love for vintage travel with the groom’s love for vintage comic book superheroes. This set also included: programs, day of schedules, personalized candy and candy bags, and event signage.

Bridal Shower Invitations and Event Signage

This bridal shower invite features a pastel watercolor theme complimented with beautifully illustrated flowers. Also, in this set is the elegant typographic event signage used on the day of the bridal shower.

Star Trac Fitness Hero Cards

Concept, design, and layout by Nichole Cropper and Maria Perez. Lifestyle photography by Dean Bradshaw.

Designed to grab the attention of tradeshow attendees. Each Star Trac product line has its own hero card that describes the line and its features. These were distributed at tradeshows and other major events in lieu of a full product catalog.

Customer Service Solutions Brochure

Design and layout by Nichole Cropper. Headshot photography by Maria Perez. Lifestyle photography by Dean Bradshaw.

A multi-page book for Star Trac’s customer service department intended to introduce new customers to the Star Trac family. It showcases the foundations that the Star Trac family uses to maintain its world class customer support. Team member are presented with their department and their role in building a relationship with the new customers.

Star Trac Fitness Product Catalog

Original layout by Jeff Wallace. Current edition by Nichole Cropper and Maria Perez. Production work by Lesley Ning.

The 2015 Star Trac catalog showcases all products and product features manufactured by Star Trac. Product specifications are easy to read and listed below each piece.

Star Trac Marketing Brochure

Concept, design, and, layout by Nichole Cropper and Maria Perez. Gym layouts by Nichole Cropper. Photography by Maria Perez and Dean Bradshaw.

The personality of the Marketing Department shines through the pages and highlight each person’s role in the department. This piece is the first to demonstrate the angled look that would become the new marketing campaign. Of importance is the 2D/3D gym layouts that would be used by the global sales team to show their customer the best use of their facility,

Relationships, Solutions, Innovation Ad Campaign

Concept, design, and layout by Nichole Cropper and Maria Perez

Collaborating with other members of the Star Trac Marketing Department to co-develop a global ad campaign. We rebranded Star Trac to focus on the relationships with our customers, the solutions that we provide, and our innovative products.

Relationships, Solutions, Innovation Campaign - Web Banners

Concept, design, and layout by Nichole Cropper and Maria Perez.

These web banners went along side the global ad campaign that launched the 2014 rebranding for Star Trac.

BoxMaster® Instructor Workshop Manual

Concept, design and, layout by Nichole Cropper. Photography by Maria Perez.

A multi-page instruction book for trainers on how to teach a BoxMaster® class.

Star Trac Fitness Monthly Newsletters

These monthly newsletters were designed to engage the Star Trac community worldwide. I was responsible for the design, content management and disbursement of all newsletters for 3 years. Click here to view a newsletter online.

Star Trac Fitness Layout Design

With input from Star Trac's global sales team I was responsible for creating all 2D and 3D gym layouts. I was able to turn concept sketches on cocktail napkins into a new facility that met their clients needs. Included with this role was managing the 2D and 3D icon libraries, as well as training new employees in ECDesign.

Ben Folds Five Concert Poster

This poster design is for the band Ben Folds Five, a piano intensive alternative rock band. I wanted to give the poster a “rock and roll” feel and also keep it simple yet grungy by emphasizing the main instrument used.


Inspired by the dénouement of the story, the type and robot were created for the play, Robbie. Each element was designed to invoke the same emotions as when the girl and a robot are allowed to be friends.

Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk Non-Profit Brochure

A brochure to raise awareness for the 3 Day Walk for a Cure event. Upon opening the brochure, one sees a type treatment on vellum to excite and drive passion for the cause. The brochure continues to show powerful imagery and explains how to get involved.

An Amber Heart

While I was at my internship at EPOS Inc. I was responsible for typesetting this book. Typesetting is the practice of preparing a book for print by aligning the type in a visually appealing layout.

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