Ace of Cakes Special Edition DVD Packaging

A five panel DVD set for Food Network’s Ace of Cakes. The transparent slip case allows one to slip off the outer frosting and delve into a multilayer golden cake with raspberry filling. The DVD set is complete with recipe cards and the first four seasons. The dominant image on each panel is spot varnished.

Annie's Bunny Graham Packaging

Annie’s Homegrown is an Earth friendly, organic, Mom and Pop business. I chose to re-design their product packaging to incorporate these ideals as I imagined the environment in which their mascot Bernie the bunny lives. The front has a die cut of Bernie, and the back is completed with a letter from Annie herself and a fun game.

McAfee Software Packaging

A set of three software packages for McAfee Security. Each box has a flap that leads the viewer into an inside spread describing the product. The images of the front are spot varnished.

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