Swalwell for Congress

Eric Swalwell chose a rising star to represent his rise in politics and was used successfully during his initial campaign as well as his re-election campaign to Congress for California’s 15th District. It was flexible enough to be used on campaign banners, social media, web, other printed materials during his campaign. View his website here.

Star Trac Brand Guidelines

Concept, design and layout by: Nichole Cropper. Lifestyle photography by Dean Bradshaw.

A multi-page book used by internal staff and clients who wish to brand Star Trac lifestyle images. The book contained correct/incorrect logo usage, logo clear space, product logos, approved fonts and colors, copyrights, user agreement and much more.

Inspiration Strength® Placard Redesign

With a new product design, the Inspiration Strength® placards required an update as well. Each placard is prominently displayed on the machine to demonstrate the correct usage as well as the dangers of using the machine.

Star Trac Product Spec Sheets

Over 150 product spec sheets display all product dimensions, features, warranties and options. They were created for new product lines or were updated as new features were added to existing products.

Fiji Travel Bureau

The Fiji Travel Bureau is a fictitious company that I created. Branding for this company includes: logo design, stationary, brochure design, and a style guide. I chose to use vibrant colors and a fish icon to represent the Fiji Travel Bureau in a way that describes the region.

2018 Winter Olympics Campaign - Anchorage, Alaska

A mix of billboards, one color ads, and bus wraps to advertise the imagined Anchorage 2018 Winter Olympics. Alaska is the number one place to view the Aurora Borealis from within the United States. As such, the theme is inspired by the North Star of the Alaskan flag and the natural beauty of the aurora. I imagined athletes competing and being embraced by the aurora.

Time Imagery logo

Logo design. View their Facebook page here.

GPA Ignited

Logo design.

Whispering Tree Nursery Rebranding

I rebranded the Whispering Tree Nursery by creating a new logo, and stationary to illustrate the hushed voices of the wind.

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